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A Simple Guide to Exile Mountains

  • Mountain of Exiles was released in Korea on August 20, 2020 along with the release of 3rd Awakening for Female Mages.
  • This dungeon series is similar to Pandamonium War series is that it drops talisman material but level 75-80 skills along with adding the 3rd talisman slots.
  • It also adds a new grade of unique runes.
  • Complete patch note can be found here.
The Exile Mountains

  • Each character can enter 3 times per week, once per day, but only get rewards twice.
  • Does not require any material to enter and require 5,938 Exorism.
  • 30 Fatigue Points will be consumed upon entry.
  • This dungeon series consists of 5 dungeons.
    • The Wildness
    • Night of Chaos
    • The Exile Mountain
    • Fortress of Nemesis
    • Extinction's Heaven
  • You have 60 mins to finish the dungeon series and only 10 minutes limit for each dungeon.
  • There are 5 dungeons, but upon entry, you can only see 3 dungeons. The other 2 are covered by fog.
  • Similar to Pandemonium War, these 3 dungeons also have sigil on the bottom right of their dungeon picture and are randomize between them.
    •  - Clear will clear the fog and open up the rest of the map.
    •  - Clear will grand temporary 35% damage buff that can be activated twice by party leader at any point in any dungeon.
    •  - Clear will grand permanent 25% damage buff.
  • Clear Fortress of Nemesis will grant you access to Extinction's Heaven, where you fight the final boss, Devastar.
  • Defeat Devastar the Pure Blooded in Extinction's Heaven will finish the dungeon series.
Dungeon Mechanics

New Monster Cards

  •  Dark Remnants
    • Used to upgrade Pandemonium War's talismans and runes.
    • Upgrade Talisman: Needs 300  and 50 
    • Upgrade Rune: Needs 150  and 50 
  • These are rewards from KDnF Patch note. For Global version, go to this Reward Page
Talisman Expansion
  • 3rd Talisman slot is added
  • UI for Talisman and Rune are also updated
  • List of new talismans and their demonstrations are in this Google Excel.

Merging Changes
  • There is an "automatic merge" option which will combine all runes/talismans of that quality, up to 20 times, in one click (excluding locked ones)
  • There is an "include all runes/talismans" option will which also include all runes/talismans of your class as well (excluding locked ones)
  • Using "my class" upgrade has a chance of giving a better quality result (does not apply to unique talismans/runes)
  • Using the "Dark Remnants" x 300 lets you upgrade the current 35~70 talismans to the stronger version / x150 to upgrade rare runes to unique runes
  • Gold costs reduced:
    • Runes: Common = 4.5k / Uncommon = 9k / Rare = 18k
    • "My Class" Runes: Commons = 9k, Uncommon = 18k, Rare = 24k
    • Rare Talisman = 38k (unique talisman merge remains as-is)
  • Rune inventory slots boosted 160 → 240
Reddit Translation - Yonaka_Kr
YouTube - Morakune dc
YouTube - JangJiTube
YouTube - xSwiftx4

  • 2/26/21
    • UPDATED: Map and dungeon names to match DFOG release patch note so the guide is consistent to our server.

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