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Table of Content
My Personal Guide
  • Headshot
    • Headshot.png may have longer cooldown than , but Headshot.png needs to be maxed. Marksmanship.png making last x-string a Headshot.png, and the damage is scaled on Headshot.png skill level. In the video below, only one Headshot.png is casted, the rest is x-string, and the damage analysis showed 2 Headshot.png

  • Stylish
    •  allows for skills to be cancelled into other skills.
    • Activating  increases attack damage, attack speed, and moving speed.
    • Last for 60 seconds, keep close eye on this buff during dungeon runs and make sure it's activated at all time.
  • Sudden Death
    • Sudden Death.png marks target and increase your critical chance and damage against that target. Very useful skill
  • Death Hawk
    • When  return, regardless of where the character is facing,  will face the character the same way as initial direction of  being casted.

    • The direction of throwing  can be changed using the arrow key.
Skill Build
  • Max these passive
    • Death By Revolver.png Outstanding.png Marksmanship.png Sudden Death.png Fastest Gun.png Stylish.png Revolver Upgrade.png
  • Then max these active first
    • Death Crisis.png Acceleration Trigger.png Wipeout.png Fast Draw.png Death Hawk.png Wild Shot.png Headshot.png Western Fire.png
  • Then use the rest of SP for these
    • Deadly Approach.png Suppressive Barrage.png Multi Headshot.png Moving Shot.png Triple Tap.png Air Raid.png Mach Kick.png Windmill.png  Silver Bullet.png 
  • My hotkeys
Skill Rationale
  • Leave Leap.png Aerial Fire.png Gun Guard.png BBQ.png Steep Slide.png Punisher.png at level 1 for movement and utilities if needed. BBQ.png Steep Slide.png Punisher.png provide some I-frames if needed.
  • Headshot.png is a signature skill for ranger. Great damage with low cooldown. Western Fire.png only cost 30 SP and you basically can fire another Headshot.png instantly.
  •  Physical critial
    • Male Ranger can reach crit cap fairly easy.
    • Max based on gear/enchant.
  • SP dump in order of recommendation
    • Suppressive Barrage.png Multi Headshot.png - Highly recommended
      • Both skills deal great damage but kind of "annoying" per say.
      • Suppressive Barrage.png has a long cast time. Magazine Handling Unique Talisman.png increases the firing speed but not as good as Acceleration Revolver Unique Talisman.png because can fit at least 2 Wild Shot.png in 25-sec rotation.
      • Multi Headshot.png requires you to tap arrow keys 5 times, which can be a turn off to new players. Wide Out Unique Talisman.png will change to single hit.
    • Triple Tap.png - Moderately recommended
      • Decent damage at low cooldown, Outstanding.png increases the firing speed
    • Moving Shot.png - Mildly recommended
      • The damage is great. Offers high moving speed with super armor.
      • However, the inconsistency in damage output is the downside. 
      • With bosses that move around a lot, hard to hit the target with all the shots.  
    • Deadly Approach.png - Slightly recommended
      • Damage is good, but high cooldown, can only fit one Deadly Approach.png in 25-sec rotation.
      • Can be used to reposition yourself. If you stand right on the target, the landing spot after casting Deadly Approach.png is the perfect distance to cast Death Hawk.png
    •  Air Raid.png Mach Kick.png Windmill.png  Silver Bullet.png - Not recommended
      • Silver Bullet.png used to maxed back in the old days. But now, not worth the SP points.
      •  damage does not worth SP points.
      • Mach Kick.png Windmill.png mostly used for skill connection and  activation.
      • The majority of male rangers don't max any kicking skills.

Popular Talisman
  • As for Runes, Death Hawk was very popular, but many rangers have swapped to Fast Draw. I could see why that is, your fire speed is increased and pretty much guarantee all hits where as Death Hawk you can miss lots of your damage if the target move around too much.
 SlotStat Best-in-slot Option Alternative Options
 WeaponElemental DamageMad Rike
(or other +15 element of your choice)
(or other +12 element of your choice)
Skill AttackHorrendous Darkness Astoros
 TopPhysical Atk.
Ash Core the Flame Dragon
 BottomPhysical Atk.
Ash Core the Flame Dragon
 BeltSkill AttackFreezing Ice Dragon SkasaKing Destroyer
 ShoesSTRKing Destroyer
(or other +100 STR)
Nameless Gatekeeper
 BraceletElemental DamageAbyss Walker
(or other +35 element of your choice)
Prophet Ezra
(or other +30 element of your choice)
 NecklaceElemental DamageAbyss Walker
(or other +35 element of your choice)
Prophet Ezra
(or other +30 element of your choice)
 RingElemental DamageAbyss Walker
(or other +35 element of your choice)
Prophet Ezra
(or other +30 element of your choice)
 Sub EquipPhysical Attack God of Chaos - Ozma Red Leg Arketo
 Magic StoneElemental DamageDestructive Berserk Dragon Hisma
 EarringsAll StatPureblood Devastar
Dark-eyed Sarpoza
Other Items
  • Avatar / Emblem: Rare avatar is recommended. If you can't afford it, then go with Advanced Clone avatar.
    • Note: Often Neople give out event that allow you to select STR as option for Yellow and Green emblem. They're very valuable so watch out for those.
 SlotAvatar OptionEmblem Option
 HairCasting Speed [Red] Strenth
 HatCasting Speed [Red] Strength
 FaceAttack Speed[Yellow] Attack Speed
 TorsoAttack Speed[Yellow] Attack Speed
 TopStylish Skill +1[Green] Physical Crit Rate
 SkinPhysical Defense[Multi-color] Strength
 WaistEvasion Rate / Element Resist[Blue] Movement Speed / Hit Rate
 BottomMax HP / MP[Green] Physical Crit Rate
 ShoesStrength[Blue] Movement Speed / Hit Rate

  • NOTE: Weapon Avatar, Creature, Aura, Title are often only come from avatar packages what require lots of gold to obtain. For new player, I highly recommend avoiding Best-in-slot option and go for the alternative.
  • Weapon Avatar: Best-in-slot is Rare Clone Weapon Avatar. Lots of player go for level 75 skill Fast Draw. Note that this is only from Clone Weapon Avatar Bind Cube from various avatar packages and can be very expensive. I would go with the regular Clone Weapon Avatar if you're on a budget.
Friendly Gear Set-up
  • I highly recommend you read my Guide to Gear Progression for general information.
  • With the Epic balance patch from Season 7 Act 4. The Machine Revolution: Total War, Archon set up is very easy to use and very newbie friendly. Archon comes from Starcraft's unit where it has very little HP. The main piece for this set up is  Suppressed Mana Bracelet, which reduce your HP to 1% and allow incoming damage to consume MP instead of HP.
    • To increase survivability, it's recommend to add  Reversible Leather Coat and  Accelerator to increase MP recovery.
    • With new player, below is the recommendation for Normal Dungeon epic since you may not have enough  Shattered Red Dusk Crystal yet.
  • Once you have enough   Shattered Red Dusk Crystal from Advance dungeon (e.g. Destroyed Castle of the Dead). Start replacing your Shoulder and Belt piece
    • Replace  Ender's Gaze with  Manipulation
    • Replace  Genius Engineer's Multi-tool Belt with  Power Plant
  • When you get a bit more advanced, start to move forward to Meister and Custom-open epics.
    • Replace  Chaos Curtains with  Robotica Combat Pants, note that you will need high level Ampification / Reinforcement for this to work.
    •  Promised Time for Victory from Ispins is also a good replacement 
    • The following are just some examples but you can read more in this Custom Epic Made Simple. Don't forget that Total War patch also have some custom epic line changes.
  Ent Spirit Top
(This is mine now)
  Ent Spirit Sub Equipment
Must Have Line:
If more than 40% HP, Physical/Magical Def. +25,000 and Critical Chance -8%
If 40% or lower HP, Skill Atk. +8%. Also, HP +1100 and MP +1750 when attacking. (Cooldown: 1 sec.)

Other Good Lines:
- MP +3.500 on every attack (Cooldown: 1 sec.)
- All classes' Lv. 75 skill range +15%, All classes' Lv. 75 skill Atk. +5%
Must Have Line:
If more than 40% HP, Fire Resistance +40
If 40% or more HP, Skill Atk. +5%

Other Good Lines:
Skill Atk. +7%  when attacking Dragon enemies
Skil Atk. +4% if your highest Damage-type Status effect's Additional Damage value is less than 20%

  • And then at the final end game, we start to get to Fusion Epic from Ispins / Total War / Archmage's Dimensional Corridor. Below is just one of many example being used. I highly recommend you read individual pieces to see which one work best for your set up.

  • 3/2/23: 
    • UPDATED: various info to match 110 cap
  • 7/25/20
    • ADDED: Headshot mechanic
  • 7/14/20
    • ADDED: Acknowledgement statement

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